PolygonPunks launched on August 3rd 2021. The 10k collection minted out in just 24 hours, and generated over $1 million in sales. We went on Opensea after mint and became the 2nd highest selling collection by 24hr volume.
However, PolygonPunks soon faced major challenges. After being live for just 48 hours, the collection was removed from Opensea. To make matters worse, the developers left the project.
The future of PolygonPunks looked uncertain. But over the next two months, something incredible happened. A new core team developed behind the scenes, from community members who had skills to lend, and together they fought to get PolygonPunks back on Opensea.
Meanwhile, community members took to social media, as #FreePolygonPunks spread across Twitter. Soon Bitboy Crypto, Cointelegraph, and more covered the story.
On September 29th 2021, Opensea announced PolygonPunks would be relisted on their marketplace.
The Punks were back!
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