CryptoPunks are the OG Punks of Ethereum. Since their release in 2017, CryptoPunks have been featured in international publications, headlined prestigious international auctions at Christie’s and Sotheby’s, and entered the permanent collections of renowned art museums.
​V1 Punks ​
V1 Punks were the first Punk NFTs released by LarvaLabs, but due to a bug in the smart contract were deemed inauthentic, and CryptoPunks took their place. However, V1 Punk owners are now able to wrap their Punks into an ERC-721 contract to patch over the bug, and currently trade on Opensea and Rarible.
SolPunks are the first Punk NFTs on the Solana blockchain. They're also the first collection to complete mint, and first traded on Solana. Their mission is to advance the Solana Ecosystem, and provide holders with utilities such as NFT liquidity pools and a community DAO.
​XRPL Punks​
XRPL Punks are the OG Punks of XRP. They are distinguished by their colorful traits and trademark X-mouth that represents their love for the XRPL. They are also responsible for creating OnXRP, one of the leading XRP NFT marketplaces, where XRPL Punks are currently the top selling collection.
​Bitcoin Punks​
Bitcoin Punks are the first byte-perfect uploads of CryptoPunks on the Bitcoin Blockchain, and also the first 10k collection on Ordinals, containing sub 100 inscriptions. They are currently the top selling collection on ordinals.market, and one of the leading projects on ordinals.
You can also find OG Punks on Cardano, Sui, Aptos, and many other chains.