There are five different types of PolygonPunks. Listed from rare to common. Alien, Ape, Zombie, Female, and Male. The female to male ratio is 40/60, so females are rarer than males.
Many properties, including hats, masks, and hair styles, can add more value to your Punk. There are only 44 males with beanies, 48 females with chokers, and 54 females with pilots helmets.
Attribute Count
Generally Punks with single attributes will rank higher than 2, 3, 4 attribute versions, which are more common. Exceptions include 7, 6, and 0 attribute Punks, which are incredible rare. 1 and 5 attributes are also very rare.
Background colours: Red (extremely rare), Yellow/Gold (very rare), Dark Purple (rare), Light Purple, (uncommon), and Blue (common). There are some exceptions, such as the Golden Alien!
Some Punks even have hidden properties. Punk 4047 has earring as a listed property, but it is hidden within the hoodie. Other hidden properties include buck teeth, smile, earring and mole. Can you find more?
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