PolygonPunks are inspired by CryptoPunks, the OG Punks of Ethereum. Launched in June 2017 by Larva Lab, the 10k collection features 24×24 colored pixel art Punks, inspired by the London Punk scene and Cyberpunk movement.
The developers created a pixelated character generator that algorithmically mixed and matched several different character traits to generate the collection. No two CryptoPunks have the exact same traits. Every Punk is unique.
CryptoPunks have seen huge success since their launch, featured in world renowned galleries, appearing in major publications, and credited for sparking the 2021 NFT bull run. ​​
In March 2022, it was announced the CryptoPunks IP would be acquired by Yuga Labs, creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club. Yuga Labs gave full commercial rights to the CryptoPunks owners.
CryptoPunks currently have over 1 Million ETH in volume on Opensea.
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