​Polygon Labs ​
We joined forces with Polygon Studios in Dec 2021, now Polygon Labs, the official NFT arm of Polygon. They have offered to support PolygonPunks growth and development in the Polygon ecosystem.
In March 2023, we released 1000 back editions of a rare alien PolygonPunk in partnership with Nibbl. Holders of the NFTs will earn exclusive utilities including airdrops and whitelists.
PolygonPunk was the first NFT project to partner with BukTrips in Febuary 2023. All Punk holders will now receive exclusive discounts in hotels worldwide when using the buktrips website.
​Gokhshtein Media​
We partnered with Gokhshtein Media in December 2021 for their g3vrse Pass mint. We have since been a guest on numerous Twitter Spaces with both the Gokhshtein Media team, and their CEO David Gokhshtein.
​Violet Gallery​
We released a 1/1 Zombie Punk in collaboration with the Violet Gallery in early 2023. The holder of this Punk will get exclusive utilities within our collection, including airdrops and whitelists.
​Siva Coin​
Siva has provided engage to earn features for our Discord. Users can earn USiva token for engagement in our main chat channel, which can be withdrawn/mined into tokens such as Polydoge.
We worked closel with Polydoge on their virtual events, as a speaker at Polygon 2021, and co-host for Polycon 2023. We also partnered with Polygon Pandas, and have an exciting collab in the works with GhostNFT.
NotCommon helps blockchain projects stay secure by providing real-time updates on security threats. We are excited to work with them to protect the PolygonPunks Community website.
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