All PolygonPunk holders will receive exclusive whitelists for all the latest Polygon projects. Our recent WL giveaways have included RektDogs, Brozo, and Owlpha.
We also have exclusive NFT giveaways for our holders. We have held giveaways in the past with projects such as Metavixens, Skurpy, and Billionaire Zombies Club.
Holders will receive exclusive airdrops, including all our Decentraland Wearables, and future metaverse items. Holders will also receive airdrops from our partner projects.
Buktrips gives PolygonPunks holders exclusive hotel discounts, Siva provided engange to earn features on Discord, and Polydoge is now a commision token for our collection on GhostNFT.
Holding a PolygonPunk will give you access to one of the best communities on Polygon. We hold regular games nights on Discord with prizes. There's also a private alpha chat for our holders.
Holding a PolygonPunk is it's own utility. You have a piece of history, the 1st Punks on Polygon, there will never be another. The historical value of our collection will only grow in the future.
Visit Subber for all our latest giveaways.
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