We were gifted a virtual gallery in Decentraland back in 2021. Since then, we have launched three Decentraland wearable collections, available on the DCL marketplace. We have also been a guest on numerous DCL community Twitter Spaces.
PolygonPunks were featured at the first Polycon event in 2021. For Polycon 2023, we were lucky to be a co-host, with our own interactive booth, and guest spots on speaker panels. We hope to work with Polydoge on more virtual events later this year.
​Polygon Showcase​
PolygonPunks were a guest at Polygon Showcase 5, hosted in Spatial by Creative Owls. We had our collection presented in a virtual gallery, and the team featured in live panel talks. We hope to be involved with the upcoming Polygon Showcase 6.
​Polygon Creators​
In November 2022, PolygonPunks were featured in the Creators Gallery, a virtual NFT gallery hosted by Polygon as part of their Creators Month. Our collection was featured alongside the top NFT projects on Polygon.
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